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Following an earlier broken down train between Fareham and Southampton Central Portsmouth bound lines have now reopened.

Will be formed of 2 coaches instead of 3.

Will be formed of 3 coaches instead of 4.

Will be formed of 2 coaches instead of 3.

The TVP Travel website has been created as part of the TVP Travel plan. Through this website we aim to provide practical information to those travelling to Thames Valley Park, by whatever means they choose, and help and guidance to those looking for ways to save money, ease congestion or help the environment through their travel choices.


TVP Travel Liftshare Website

25 Feb 2014

Regular car sharers save on average £900 per annum.
How much could you save?

Visiting TVP

Visiting one of the companies at Thames Valley Park? TVP is located 5 miles from Junction 10 of the M4, or just a short journey from Reading station using our dedicated shuttle bus service. Click here for travel information dedicated to visitors.


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